The Services we provide to all who needs an professionl building work

Our Services

  1. Rolled Steel Joist
    We recognise that installing steelwork can be a pretty complicated business. This is why our clients choose us to co-ordinate their steel erection – leaving all of the installation to us.
  2. Pauls Framing Steel
    Building in Framing steel with MASVD CONSTRUCTION can reduce your project's carbon footprint by using a truly recyclable material.
  3. Sun Roofing
    We specialize in all roofing construction from installing a new roof or repairing an existing roof to installing commercial and industrial roofing systems.
  4. House Refurbishment
    Our main specialisation are residential projects. We offer wide range of construction services, top class professionals, experience, good project management - these are the advantages which we can be proud of
  5. House Extension Canadian Technology
    MASVD CONSTRUCTION LTD is specialised in all types of extensions from a single storey additional room to multiple extensions to your current home.
  6. Stone Work
    Our stone work projects has been involved with many large construction companies as a sub-contractor. Our company has all the required Health and Safety certificates
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